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Email Only Hosting

Why have an email only plan?  This is perfect for the individual or company that wants a web presence but doesn't want a website.  The benefits of having an email only plan is that the email is accessible from anywhere.  It can be web based or application based on your desktop or mobile device.

Email Privacy

When you have an email only plan you have private email.  What are the advantages of having private email?

  • Your email is not controlled by big corporations that may offer free email addresses
  • Your email is not owned by your employer, as is the case with company based email addresses
  • Depending on your email device it is accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • Your mail is stored securely on our servers with daily back ups. 
  • We will not disclose or sell your email address to any advertising firm.
  • You can be secure in the knowledge that we will not disclose  your emails to any organisation unless required to under the law and then it would only be done with a lawful warrent.

OPTION 1: is that you have 1 email address at our email domain ,  this is charged at $9 plus GST per month. and comes with 10Gb of space including file storage ( cloud storage )

OPTION 2:  is that you can have 5 email addresses at a domain name of your choice i.e. youremailalias@yourdomainname, each email address has 10 Gb of space including file storage ( cloud storage ) and this plan is charged at $19 plus Gst per month.

COMPANY EMAIL  If you are a large email user and wish to have many accounts at a domain for business use, we will be more than happy to discuss your needs.

DELIVERY OF EMAIL This is by IMAP or webmail to your desktop computer or mobile device i.e. Smartphone, or Tablet / Laptop.

Our email server scans and filters viruses and spam.

We run Smartermail 13 Enterprise on Microsoft Server 2012.

 Each email account has 10 Gb of storage which includes file storage ( cloud storage )


The Smartermail Server has webmail and mobile webmail for your mobile devices including smart phones. Live chat is also availble for email users from the same domain.


All email accounts have cloud storage of 10gb per email box which is integrated with the Smartermail interface


Email settings can be found on the support page.


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